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22 Jul

Hotel Mildiss, luxury at the foot of Sancy

 L'Exquis Magazine - Added July 22, 2019  MILDISS Hotel , Sancy

Hôtel Mildiss, du luxe au pied du Sancy

MILDISS hotel owes its name to its altitude ... is at 1010 meters and it is the ideal altitude for the preparations athletes

MILDISS Hotel, a project from the collective

MILDISS Hotel is the real proof that the wildest dreams can come alive when the collective comes into play.

hôtel Mildiss

One of the rooms with its view of nature, only of nature.

MILDISS HOTEL, a dream come true
It's a crazy project, off the beaten path. More 40 shareholders were federated by two former rugby players and one former business manager - Sébastien Bertrank, Xavier Verdy and Pierre Verdier. The idea: create a hotel Luxury restaurant and eco responsible in the Sancy. Enter the first drafts and their achievements, more than 8 years passed. But the result is very concrete. The official opening took place on July 4, 2019.

hôtel Mildiss

Gilbert Alban, responsible for the kitchens.

The hotel restaurant, spa and seminar center combines the best of which currently exists. The buildings, wood, glass and stones, are melt in the landscape. They draw a circular arc with a ground floor plus one floor. The 32 rooms are all on one level with views of the countryside - 27 m², 125 to 250 € depending on the season. The left side includes fitness activities: spa, two Jacuzzis, one outdoors the other inside, body care with two massage cabins, gym 50 m². And if there is no swimming pool, "So that guests can enjoy the lakes or the renovated pool of Super Besse, 10 minutes by shuttle" explains one of the founders.

The central part is dedicated to seminars, with all the necessary equipment. " The rooms can also be used for family meals, wedding Or other. There is a send kitchen for the dishes " underlines Eva Pulcinelli, a shareholder who supports the marketing, its core business. The reception is personalized. "It's part of the DNA of MILDISS Hotel"Each client is auditioned to take stock of his desires, his wishes, to propose to him what will correspond to his expectations. The Mildiss's philosophy can be summed up in four types of experiments: sporting, relaxing, gastronomic, cultural.

And the right part is divided between the bar and the restaurant, open seven days a week, until 1 am for the bar, with terraces. The map was designed by the chef Meilleur Ouvrier de France promotion 2004, Gilles Reinhart who works for Paul Bocuse. There is two menus, 30 € and 48 € and a card with 4 entries, 2 fish, 3 meat, cheese and 4 desserts - from € 14 to € 26. And it's Gilbert Alban, an alumna of Chamalières high school who will be behind the furnaces daily. For Gilles Reinhart, it's  " a traditional French cuisine, culinary wealth auvergnate and new bistronomic trends, while respecting the natural surroundings.

The Mildiss is nature oriented by design: consumption low energy (50kWep / m² / year); taken to charge cars electric in the parking lot. It targets a diverse clientele, that is to say regular tourists from the area, including families; client premises for the restaurant; companies for seminars, teams building; family celebrations; and preparations for sports. The Mildiss is positioned in the high end. He is classy in four stars and employs 16 people in total. investment amounted to 6 million euros. Now you have to win the bet.

MILDISS Hotel****
Serre Bas
63 610 Besse et Saint Anastaise
+33 (0)4 73 79 10 10
Text & pictures : Pierre Boyer

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